Seagull X-1F / X-2F

Single-hole mixer, ideal for domestic use: it provides for the installation of a swan-neck faucet from which perfectly purified water will come out (requires an additional hole).

Seagull X-1 LS Deluxe Superior

The system includes a single-lever chrome-plated brass mixer with 5 delivery ways separate (hot and cold water / purified water, chilled and refrigerated water). The faucet a five-way is connected to the Seagull IV filter and a chiller, both located in the bottom sink.

Seagull X-1D

Comfortably installed under the kitchen sink, it is able to deliver perfectly purified water, ideal for both drinking and cooking.

Seagull X-1 L Deluxe

Deluxe edition adds to the SEAGULL® IV mod. X-1 a modern three-ways tap that features distinct distribution channels, one for hot water, one for cold water and the other for purified water.