• Floor based water cooler with easy installation, use and mode of operation
  • It is particularly appreciated to be installed in offces, industries, hospitals, airports, stations, storehouse etc.
  • It supplies cold and purifed drinking water through SEAGULL® IV, mod. X-1
  • It has a new cooling system by a pre-flled and sealed ice-bank to prevent the evaporation or discharge of the water during the delivery*
  • Hygiene is guaranteed to continuous water flow, without stasis, directly from water supply network to supply point
  • Machine body in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • It’ s done with material suitable to drinking water and it respects CE standards: – security standards provided by “Low Tension” Directive 73/23/CEE, 2006/95/CEE; – directive Protection requirement “EMC” by Directives 93/68/CEE and 2004/108/CEE

(*) The ice-bank cooling is just full, but it can be emptied and reflled again; if Freshbox has been
turned it must be waiting at least 8 hours before its start-up